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[vcex_staff_carousel items_margin=»25″ timeout_duration=»4000″ order=»DESC» orderby=»date» thumbnail_link=»post» img_crop=»false» overlay_style=»none» img_hover_style=»grow» excerpt=»false» style=»default» content_alignment=»center» term_slug=»all» item_width=»230″ min_slides=»1″ max_slides=»4″ img_width=»500″ img_height=»500″ custom_excerpt_trim=»true»]

Regarding Carousels

  • The theme includes image, staff, portfolio, blog and WooCommerce carousel options
  • You can have as many as you want on a page (but less is always better for loading times)
  • The Carousels will actually render in the Visual Composer front-end editor for easy editing
  • You can choose between default or no-margins style
  • You  can enable the title or description for staff, portfolio, blog and WooCommerce carousels